I cannot thank you enough for receiving this grant!!!  God bless you for all you do for children in need.
- Latchmi A.

Dear Chrysalis Fund:
I want to thank everyone for all that you have done for us.  Raising a child with autism we are use to getting bad news about his development and his future, we are thankful once in a while when we get some good news that there are still people out there that cares for children like mine.  Because of your kindness we are able to continue his therapies and as parents we have one less thing to worry about.  Thank you. 
- Much grateful, Beth S.

A special thank you to everyone who contributed to our annual GoFundMe Campaign, straight from some of the families you directly  helped...

Thanks so much for having this grant! It is such a needed resource for families!
- Melissa H.

Dear Members of the Chrysalis Fund,
Thank you so very much for you generosity and support for our students. After careful review of our needs, we have attached the following document for the desired augmentative and alternative communication devices.

Thank you once again for your sincere interest in making functional communication a reality for our students at Aberdeen Elementary School.

- Gratefully, Sue M. CCW Autism Program Room #107

Thank you all.  You have given our son such an opportunity and we are so appreciative.   Thank you so, so much.

​- Carly C.